Xender Old Versions Download

One of the top programs in the globe, Xender enables you to transfer files in the best possible way, including contacts, movies, music, photographs, and apps. You can transmit files of various sizes and types between mobile devices using Xender without the need for wires, Wi-Fi, cellular internet, or mobile data. As a consequence, this app has gained large popularity on all platforms.

Enhancing worldwide property was the company’s essential objective when it was based in 2011. Speaking more than 30 languages, there are presently over 700 million active users worldwide. With its cutting-edge technology and robust worldwide server network, Xender offers amazing capabilities and phone-to-computer or computer-to-smart TV connectivity.

With its straightforward yet effective file transfer functionality, Xender has amassed a lot of attention. More than 500 million users worldwide have chosen it because it is the fastest file transmission medium. Despite the abundance of file-transferring applications accessible,

Get The  Xender Old Version Here

App Version Year Download Link
Xender 13.2.3 2023 Get
Xender v11.0.0 2022 Get
Xender v10.0.2 2021 Get
Xender v6.2.1 2020 Get
Xender v4.9.2 2019 Get
Xender v4.2.4 2018 Get


Xender Old Version Requirement

It’s crucial to access the latest version of Xender, although some people choose to use the older version. Many people prefer the older Xender APK version for several reasons. You can review all of the reasons why the older version of Xender is still necessary in the section below.

  1. Every time there is an update, the new feature pales in comparison to the previous feature. A user of Xender would search for the previous version in such a situation.
  2. An Xender user’s device might occasionally not work with the most recent version. Thus, many would like to use the older version of Xender to resolve this issue.
  3. To remain focused on sharing data without any restrictions, users of Xender would search for the Xender download old version if there were any errors or bugs related to the new version.
  4. A small percentage of users may find the new Xender interface unappealing, which could also be the reason they decide to stick with the older software version on their smartphone.

Therefore, in all of these situations, users may want to access the older version of Xender.

How to Download the Old Version of Xender

The download for the older version of Xender differs from that for the updated version. This is so that the most recent version of the Xender app may be downloaded straight from the relevant platforms’ official App Stores. Obtaining the older Xender APK version is more difficult, though. The section below will assist you in navigating the new process for downloading the older version of Xender for your device.

Step 1: To install an APK file, navigate to Settings on your device, then touch Personal > Security > Device Administration. You must enable the Unknown Sources choice on your device.

Step 2: Start a Google search by opening the web browser on your smartphone.

Step 3: Look for the older Xender app version.

Step 4: To download the older version of Xender, select any reputable website from the search results.

Step 5: To download the older version of Xender for your device, click on any of them.

Step 6: Give the Xender APK time to finish installing. To open the APK file on your device, you must now find it and click on it.

Step 7: Install the older version of the Xender app after accepting the permission on the next screen.

You have now successfully installed the older version of Xender on your device.

What are the most highlighting Xender’s old version features?

 Easy Installation Featuring an Easy-to-Use Interface

One of the key advantages of using Xender on your laptop is its ease of installation. Unlike other file-sharing programs that need complex settings or lengthy downloads, Xender is an app that can be immediately deployed. Just visit the official website, select the version that matches your laptop’s operating system, and check the careful instructions. You may get started with its user-friendly program as soon as it is installed. Thanks to its easy layout and well-structured menu, even anyone with controlled technological knowledge will have no problem learning how to use the app efficiently.

Quick File Transfer Rates

Speed is crucial when it comes to file sharing. It can be annoying and time-consuming to deal with huge files or several papers at once when transfer speeds are slow.

Xender ensures lightning-fast transmission speeds between devices by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. You may anticipate quick transfer times for documents, videos, and photographs, which will help you save hours or even minutes during the workweek.

Multi-Platform Interoperability

Cross-platform compatibility is yet another significant benefit of utilizing Xender on your laptop. The days of file sharing being restricted to particular hardware or operating systems are long gone. You may easily move files crosswise laptops running antithetical operating systems, like Windows and Mac OS, with Xender.

Moreover, Xender allows for file sharing across laptops and movable devices like tablets and smartphones. Owing to its skillfulness, it’s a first-class choice for individuals who often work across multiple platforms or need file sharing among multiple inclinations from colleagues.

Private and Safe

Xender takes the required precautions to guarantee your files stay safe during the transfer process because privacy and data security are critical in today’s world. Xender protects your data from unwanted access by encrypting it using a secure connection protocol.

Moreover, Xender doesn’t keep any of your files or private information on its servers. This implies that there is no chance for third parties to access your confidential information and that they will stay private.

Advantages Of Xender Old Version 

  1. Not using cellular data and not requiring any cable connections
  2. Unlimited ability to send and receive big files
  3. Allows cross-platform transmission for all Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Windows PCs.
  4. Safely transfer all of your data from the older to the latest version.
  5. Eables file viewing, moving, and deletion with the use of a file manager.
  6. Has an amiable design that puts the comfort of the user first.
  7. Encourage sliding for a seamless sharing experience
  8. More than 20 languages are supported, and more Xender drawbacks

Reason to select xender’s old verision

For those who are having trouble with compatibility on newer devices, the older version of Xender may be a workable solution. The older version serves as a solid link between the current and the app’s original release, avoiding any potential technical issues and offering a solid and nostalgic substitute.

I’ve included download links for APK files for older Xender versions more than five years old above. If necessary, nevertheless, a few Android APK mirror sites offer even earlier releases from 2014–2015. Just look for the exact version number that you require. Before attempting to install any downloadable APK files for previous Xender releases, make sure your Android device is set to allow “Install from unknown sources.”

Be aware that very outdated versions cannot support the most recent Android updates or continue to function dependably. If you’re having problems installing or crashing, try testing on an older device running an older version of Android. For optimal results, stick to versions released after 2016.

Concerns Of Xender Old Version 

Beyond all of Xender’s benefits, there are a few drawbacks as well:

  1. The choice to decline the file transfer
  2. A source button that permits file transfers
  3. At times, transfers may be sluggish.
  4. Permission issues plague Xender.
  5. The transfer proceeds more quickly when the two devices are positioned too near to one another. breaks if two phones are placed too near to each other.
  6. Automatic updating, which is undesirable.

With all of Xender’s capabilities and advantages, it’s obvious that the program offered a long-term fix for the issue with data usage. People nowadays, both in developed and developing countries, face difficulties with data used for 3G and 4G users. But Xender has opened up a whole new platform to all users, allowing all crucial files and data to easily move to a computer and other devices, as well as storing the Dataroom on a mobile device. Data use and memory cards.


Utilizing and downloading an earlier version of Xender can be a terrific method to restore functionality that has been lost, enhance speed, reduce storage usage, and better suit your needs. It is important to be aware of the heightened security, compatibility, and functionality issues associated with extremely obsolete versions.

For optimal results, try to stay with Xender versions from the previous two to three years. Versions from around 2020 to 2018 could be considered a decent compromise between maintaining essential functionality and reducing drawbacks.

To install your favourite earlier version of Xender on your Android device, use the download links in these instructions. Just make sure you allow the installation of external APKs before attempting to install any older versions you may obtain.

You ought to be able to decide whether using an older version of Xender still meets your needs after reading this. If that’s the case, you can quickly download and set up your preferred earlier version for mobile file sharing.

When compared to other similar apps, Xender Features is the best. Additionally, it is a cross-platform tool for file transfers with a 200-fold speed guarantee above Bluetooth. So, with the free download of Xender, everything is simpler. Attempt it out and share your honorable thoughts. Stay tuned for more updates and information about this incredible file-transferring tool.