How Xender Ensures Safe and Private File Transfers

How Xender Ensures Safe and Private File Transfers

Xender App Security Features

Built-in File Manager

This helps keep shared content organized and easily accessible.

Private Wi-Fi internet

By establishing a dedicated and private Wi-Fi connection between devices. Xender minimizes the potential for interception, protecting the privacy of user data during the transfer process.

Group Sharing

This app supports group sharing, allowing users to send files to multiple devices simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for presentations, and events.

Its compatibility across platforms, fast transfers, and various features like group sharing and phone mirroring make it a valuable tool for individuals and professionals. With its security and privacy, Xender continues to play an important role in simplifying the way we share content across all our devices.

Data encryption

Xender includes data encryption to protect files in transit. This encryption ensures the privacy and integrity of the files being shared, adding an extra layer of security to the complete file-sharing process.

Offline file transfer

One of the prominent features of Xender is the ability to transfer files without a network. By creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, Xender establishes a direct and encrypted connection between devices, increasing the security of file transfers, even in environments where Internet access is limited.

App permissions

It only wants access to the necessary resources needed for file sharing, such as storage and network permissions. Users have full authority to grant or revoke these permissions, ensuring that their personal information and data are not exposed unnecessarily.

FAQs of Xender App Security

Is the Xender app free to use?

The Xender app is free to use. It does not charge any subscription for transferring files or using its features.

Can I use the Xender app without an internet connection?

Xender app does not require a network connection to transfer files.

Is the Xender app safe?

The Xender app is safe to use as it uses a direct Wi-Fi connection to transfer files between devices.


When you use a certain Xender app, the data and content you share are visible to other users and may be read, collected, or used by them. You are responsible for the information you choose to share or submit under these circumstances.

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