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Xender is the safest and amazing app. It is 100% safe super-fast and verified app. People can share files on their Android, PC, iOS and MAC devices. Users can fastly share all types of files as compare to other apps. This feature is making Xender the most fastest and safest app in the digital market. Moreover, all the personal data of users remain safe and secure. No third person is allow to access the data.



The greatest and safest file-sharing app available for Android, iOS, PCs, and Macs is called Xender. It facilitates file sharing of all kinds between many platforms. It is 200 times faster than BT and many times faster than other sharing apps. Because of this, it's among the fastest-sharing apps. The exact way of using Xender is sharing  Music Transfer.  People can copy and share all the files including photos, messages, videos, documents and many more from their old devices to new one. Additionally, people can also transfer their apps from one device to other. It allows the users to share apps or any sort of content very fastly. All the personal information remains safe.


Super-Fast File Sharing
Super-Fast File Sharing
Share Anything
Share Anything
No Internet Required
No Internet Required
File manager
File manager
Clone phone
Clone phone

Share Everything

Transfer any kind of file between Android devices, regardless of the format. Exchange a wide range of files, including text messages, PDFs, installed apps, contacts, movies, documents, APK files, audio files, and photos.

Share Everything

Extremely Quick File Sharing

Xender provides lightning-fast file transfer capabilities. It transfers files more accurately than other apps and is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. In just a few seconds, connect to a nearby device, choose several files, and transfer them all at once.

Extremely Quick File Sharing


1 How to download Xender?
The download procedure is simple as mentioned above. All you need is a tap on the download button given on this page to grab this app for your Android.
2 Can I use Xender to send files from my PC to my mobile device?
Yes, you can transmit files between your PC and mobile devices using the desktop version of Xender.
3 Is there an iOS app for Xender?
Xender is compatible with iOS devices, yes. It is accessible for download from the App Store.
4 Can I use Xender to transmit data between multiple platforms?
Xender indeed facilitates cross-platform file sharing between Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
5 How safe is file sharing with Xender?
To protect your privacy and confidentiality, Xender encrypts data while it is being transmitted across a secure connection for the banalers.

Xender App

Xender is a file-sharing tool that helps to share files between Android, iOS, and other devices. It is more than 100 times faster than Bluetooth and other traditional file-sharing methods. With the help of this noble app, you can transfer almost anything between your Android smartphones, such as files, photos, music, videos, contacts, and even entire apps. 


The first thing you have to do for this is that you first need to create a transfer group and obviously stay close to the device to which you want to transfer any files. Significantly, this app transfers data only when the receiving device is close to it. This is the only way to ensure that your information has reached the correct device. 


Thanks to this, you can transfer files between as many devices as you want. The main objective of this app is to provide its users with the facility to transfer many files without draining their mobile data. 


Xender APK

  • Cross-platform file sharing (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS).
  • High-speed data transfer (up to 40 Mbps).
  • No internet or cables are needed.
  • Phone Replication for easy device setup.
  • Group sharing for efficient collaboration.
  • Smart Search to find files quickly.
  • Connect to PC for seamless data exchange.
  • QR code sharing for quick and secure transfers.
  • Phone to TV casting feature.
  • Ad-free experience and continuous updates.



Xender is the best tool for cross-platform file transfer without the Internet. It offers high-quality features that make it one of the best file-sharing apps. Here are some of the noteworthy features that make it a perfect file asset.


Lightning-Fast File Transfer

This app offers the most reliable and lightning-fast data transfer. This file-sharing gadget comes with a transfer rate of up to 40 Mbps. Users can transfer files & data between devices without cables or any internet connection.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

This file-sharing gadget supports data transfer between a variety of devices. You can share your important files between Android mobiles, iOS devices, Windows, or even MacOS devices.


No Internet Required

There are a lot of file-sharing apps and platforms that can transfer files to remote areas. Those apps and platforms are reliant on the Internet connection for file sharing. But this app is designed for file transfer b/w nearby devices without internet. You can enjoy high-speed data transfer between devices without requiring the internet. 


Phone Replication

Buying a new phone and worried about your data on a previous device? Don’t worry about it as the “Phone Replication” feature of this can transfer all your data from the old to the new device within minutes. This feature will transfer your contacts, messages, photos, and apps, from your old phone to the new one. It saves time and effort when switching to a new device.


Group Sharing

Wanna enjoy data sharing with multiple recipients simultaneously? Then the “Group Sharing” feature of this app is awesome to try. Whether you're sending photos from a vacation or collaborating on a project, group sharing ensures efficient communication and file distribution.


File Manager

Xender includes a built-in file manager that enables users to view, move, and delete files directly within the app. This feature helps organize data and frees up storage space on the device.


Smart Search

Finding files can be a daunting task, especially if you have a vast collection of data. But don’t worry about this app as it comes with a “Smart Search” feature. It comes with dedicated categories for photos, videos, apps, and documents. You can go to any category to share files from this category. Moreover, the search bar is also there to search & share any file quickly.


Connect to PC

As mentioned earlier, this app supports cross-device file sharing. It means you can also connect your mobile to your PC through this app to share files. The app is well compatible with all models and brands of PC. It can connect with PC, Laptops, MacOS, Macbok, and all PC & Desktop devices.


High-Quality Media Playback

No need for a media player or any music player when you have this app. Its built-in multimedia player can serve you with high-quality media playback. You can watch videos with it and listen to MP3 music files within the app. Moreover, it also has a built-in image viewer to open and view images. Overall, it is a complete multi-media station to play and watch all kinds of media files. 


QR Code Sharing

For quick and secure file transfers, Xender implements QR code sharing. Users can generate a QR code for the files they wish to share and allow others to scan the code to initiate the transfer process.


Phone to TV

Wanna bring your media files to a large screen of your Smart TV? The Chroma Cast feature of this app can help you to cast your media on a big screen. You can bring your movies videos, presentations, or any media streaming from this app to your TV.


Remote View

With the Remote View feature, users can access and manage their device's files from another location. This is especially helpful when you forget to carry essential files but have access to them remotely.


Secure File Transfer

This app makes encrypted connections to ensure a secure file transfer. This protects sensitive data from unauthorized access and keeps your files safe during transmission.


Backup and Restore

There is a safe location within this app where you can back up your files. In case of accidental deletion or device failure, users can easily restore their backed-up data. All you need is to download this app, log in with your previous credentials, and restore your important files back.


Phone Cleaner

Xender's Phone Cleaner feature identifies and removes junk files from your device, freeing up storage space and improving device performance.


Multi-language Support

This app is globally used for file sharing between different types of devices. Its global use means, there is a need for multilingual support because different language speakers use this app. Hence, this app offers a wide range of languages to serve sharing services to a global audience. 


In-App Chat

Communicate while sharing files with your buddies. This adds a social element to the app and facilitates collaboration among users.


Personalized Profile

This app offers a unique and customizable profile to each of its users. You can select a unique user name & provide your personal email ID. Try different Avatars and even gallery images as profile icons. Moreover, you can try many other personalization and customization options for your Profile on this app.


Ad-Free Experience

This is an offline data-sharing gadget which means you won’t face any ads. Its built-in ad blocker keeps ads away even if your device is connected to the internet. 


How to Share Files with Xender

  1. Install this App on your respective device through which you wanna share files. If you are an Android user then download it from this website as we have the latest Android version of this file-sharing giant. 
  2. Open the App.
  3. Grant necessary permissions like location, storage, and Wi-Fi to ensure seamless file sharing.
  4. Create a Connection: Tap "Send" on the device you want to send files from and "Receive" on the recipient's device.
  5. Connect Devices: As you connect respective devices, this app will create a strong Wi-Fi hotspot connection. Make sure that both devices are connected via a Wi-Fi hotspot. 
  6. Select Files: Choose the files you want to share from your device's storage.
  7. Initiate Transfer: Tap "Send" to start transferring the selected files.
  8. Accept the Transfer: On the recipient's device, tap "Receive" to accept the incoming files.
  9. Monitor Progress: Both devices will display the transfer progress until it completes.
  10. Transfer Complete: Once the transfer is done, you can find the received files in the designated folder on the recipient's device.


Alternatives to Xender: 

Top 5 File-Sharing Apps that are potential alternatives to this app.


  • Cross-platform file sharing (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS).
  • High-speed transfer capabilities for quick sharing.
  • Simple user interface for easy navigation.
  • Supports various file types, including photos, videos, and documents.
  • Option to connect with friends and share files directly.


  • Fast and efficient file transfers without internet dependency.
  • Cross-platform compatibility (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS).
  • Multi-language support for users worldwide.
  • Group sharing for collaboration with multiple recipients.
  • Built-in file manager for easy organization.

Send Anywhere

  • Emphasizes security with end-to-end encryption for transfers.
  • One-time key or QR code sharing for added privacy.
  • Works across various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • No registration or login is required for quick sharing.
  • Option to share files with nearby devices without an internet connection.


  • Beyond file sharing, it allows comprehensive device management.
  • Access and control different Android devices remotely from your PC.
  • Screen mirroring for displaying the mobile screen on a PC.
  • Messaging from the PC for easy communication.
  • Notification and call mirroring on the computer.

Files by Google

  • Lightweight and user-friendly file manager for Android devices.
  • File-sharing functionality for quick and easy transfers.
  • Identifies and removes unnecessary files to free up storage space.
  • Built-in media player to play music and videos.
  • Secure and reliable for managing files and documents.

These points highlight the key features and functionalities of each alternative. Providing users with a quick overview of the top 5 file-sharing apps similar to Xender App. 

Errors & Solution

Connectivity Issues

Sometimes users failed to connect the app between devices. 

Solution: Ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network and try restarting the app or devices if the problem persists.


Transfer Failures

Files may occasionally fail to transfer completely or encounter errors.

Solution: Check the available storage space on both devices and try resending the files. Also, ensure the app is updated to the latest version.


Compatibility Issues

Some files may not be compatible with certain devices or may not open correctly.

Solution: Verify the file formats and ensure the respective apps capable of opening them are installed on the receiving device.


Pros & Cons 


  1. High-speed file transfer (up to 40 Mbps).
  2. Cross-platform compatibility (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS).
  3. No internet or cables are required.
  4. Phone Replication for easy device setup.
  5. Group sharing for efficient collaboration.
  6. Smart Search for the quick file location.
  7. Connect to PC for seamless data exchange.
  8. Secure QR code sharing feature.
  9. Phone to TV casting option.
  10. Ad-free experience.
  11. User-friendly interface.
  12. Continuous updates for improved performance.
  13. Reliable and trusted file-sharing app.


  • Intrusive ads during app usage.
  • Some users report occasional connectivity issues.
  • May consume a significant device battery.
  • Lack of advanced file management features.
  • Limited support for older devices.


Xender Download

Xender APK Download with a free, fast, and 100% secure file is given on this page. You can download the latest Android version of this app from here via the Download button. Get the app file, it is verified and tested many times before posting here. We have passed the app file through different virus, bug, and malware scanners. We did not find any sort of glitch, virus, bug, malware, or any other hazard in it. Thanks for your trust, download the app and enjoy non-stop & lighting fast file sharing.


How to Install Xender

  1. Download the latest version Apk file from this page for your Android gadget.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Then “Security” Tab.
  4. Enable “Unknown Source”.
  5. Open the file.
  6. Tap Install.
  7. Congrats! Your app is successfully installed on your Android and you can start sharing your files.



In conclusion, the greatest file-sharing app for Android is Xender, which is also the fastest and most secure. It is virus-free and maintains end-to-end encryption of files throughout transmission. Additionally, it has been examined and confirmed from several sources to be virus-free. Enjoy file sharing that is 100% safe, simple, quick, and free. An Android device can be connected to another person's device at any moment." Xender - Share Music Transfer is the app to use on PC and Android devices if you need to move files fast. For the finest document transfer experience, download the Xender - Share Music Transfer APK from xenderapk.me